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What you need to know about Hypnotherapy

  1. What is Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a completely natural state of being that we all experience. You're in hypnosis all throughout your day. When you lose yourself in a book, you’re in hypnosis. When you daydream during class or in a meeting, you’re in hypnosis. When you get lost in a movie and start laughing or crying, you’re in hypnosis. That dreamy, floating feeling you get right before falling asleep, that’s hypnosis.


What I love about it is that's the state where you can experience a hyper-focused sense of awareness. All the stresses and anxieties, that have been holding you down and all the aches and pains, just melt away and you’re left with a clearer mind and a clear path to your highest self. This is where the magic begins. In this serene and blissful yet alert state, you have access to the subconscious mind. You become open and receptive to accepting clear and purposeful suggestions for change. Whether it’s changing specific thought patterns or letting go of memories from the past that have been holding you back, this process is designed to make positive shifts for your betterment. My focus as a hypnotherapist is to guide you into that relaxed state and then guide your subconscious mind through the process of making real and lasting change.


2. Can anyone be hypnotized?

As stated above, hypnosis is a completely natural state you enter into every day. You hypnotize yourself all the time.

That being said, everyone is unique. It’s best to find a well-trained hypnotherapist that has the education and experience necessary to assess you and determine how best to help you achieve that state. A good hypnotherapist will cater to your specific individual needs.

How you take in information is quite different from the way others do. It’s my job to determine what your suggestibility is, and then cater the therapy to suit your individuality.

The most important thing is that you must be willing to allow the process to work its magic. You must be open to receiving hypnosis for it to be effective.

You may not even feel that you’ve been hypnotized. You may find yourself wondering what to have for dinner or wondering if you forgot to lock the door to your car. This is all quite normal.


But, make no mistake, this is a state where you are primed to make big changes in your life. As your therapist, I will use an array of tools and techniques based on your individual needs to teach you how to communicate with your subconscious mind but also help you directly access any blocks that may be there. That's where your transformation begins.

3. Will I lose control?

No!! Hypnotherapy is designed to give you more control, not less. In a therapeutic setting, you will not be hypnotized unwillingly and you cannot be prompted to do something that is outside of your moral code or reveal anything you do not want to reveal. 

4. Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No! You're able to come out of hypnosis at any time you wish. You can no more be “stuck” in hypnosis than you can be “stuck” in sleep. During the therapeutic process, I will awaken you to a state of full awareness but if I didn’t you would naturally do so on your own or fall into a nice and relaxing deep sleep. Then wake up feeling refreshed.

5. Does hypnotherapy actually work?

Absolutely. In recent years hypnotherapy have become accepted medical treatment to address a wide variety of issues and conditions. Stanford, Harvard, and Penn State researchers, just to name a few, have conducted clinical studies in hypnosis and found that hypnosis does alter the brain and can be used for a multitude of conditions. 

Bliss Hypnotherapy was named intentionally. It’s my goal to help you deal with your issues and ailments in a way that brings balance to your life. Whether it’s by reducing anxiety, releasing toxic emotions,  conquering and eliminating bad habits, or aligning yourself with the things that bring you joy, I get rid of the garbage that's not serving you so that you can find your bliss.

6. What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis feels different for everyone but the general consensus is that people feel like they’ve entered into a deeply relaxed state. People often feel calm with a sense of well-being in mind and body. It’s a very comfortable, peaceful, and pleasant feeling. The breathing gets deeper and more rhythmic. Some people feel a tingling feeling throughout the body, and others feel a heavy or light feeling. Some people feel nothing at all but are still in a deep trance. In my practice, I have found that most clients don’t want to come out of this state because it feels so blissfully relaxing!

7. What should I expect from a session with you?

You can expect to uncover the meanings and interpretations of events in your life so that you can change them. 

Uncovering these mental blocks leads to a huge shift in the way you see the world and your life. Letting go of the past will free you to make powerful and permanent shifts to how you see yourself and your life moving forward. By empowering your mind to change you'll see that there is very little you're incapable of accomplishing. 

8. What does hypnotherapy do and how can it help me?

The word hypnotherapy can seem scary, but this is not the “entertainment show” form of hypnosis. This is about me helping you to have more agency in your life. It's about you becoming completely centered – being able to let go of immediate, everyday concerns to focus inward. 


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You're fully in control at all times, but there is a change in your brain wave patterns that allows your subconscious mind to be more alert. Since that part of the brain controls 80 percent of your thoughts and many negative behaviors, accessing it is critical to effecting real change in your life.

During the session, we unlock the subconscious, but I will be there to guide you safely through. The session will reveal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, that may have been negatively affecting you. What is important to note is that you are not reliving anything, only seeing it from a safe distance and with all the knowledge and understanding you have as your adult self.  Understanding how the mind created the issues that have come into your life and then understanding why you don't need to keep them anymore can be quite profound. We get to the root cause of the issue quickly, helping you to effect massive change in your life. 

Issues that can be resolved, or symptoms reduced:

 • Childhood Traumas and Negative Childhood Experiences- Releasing the Past

 • Resilience, Self-Esteem, Confidence and Coping Skills – Relieve Stress or Anxiety

 • Lack of Motivation and Drive to Succeed

 • Chronic pain - the deep relaxation of hypnosis reduces pain

 • Fears (Needles, Flying, etc. )

 • Fertility Blocks 

 • Relationship Blocks

 • Negative Habits/Compulsions (eg. Smoking, Gambling, Hair Pulling, etc.)

 • Stage Fright ( Speaking Engagements, Auditioning, Focus in Sports or Business)

If you have any more questions that are not listed here, please get in touch!!

Results of Comparative study by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD.; reprinted in American Health Magazine.
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